Thursday, March 29, 2007

NEW Blue Moon Gallery Print Available

This is a new print that is available in the Blue Moon Gallery. It is titled, "Fancy Pansy."

I knew someone who loved pansies very much. Everytime I see that flower I think of her and if I have my camera I always take a picture. I miss her very much.

You can view this print here. If you would like to view all of the Fine Art prints available in the Gallery, click here. I am in the process of updating the sizes available, and price list. If you want something larger than 17x22 just call.

I am going to get this one printed pretty large for the studio. It is a watercolor. These types of prints always look great printed BIG!

You can get it printed on Fine Art paper, Metallic paper (awesome great!) or canvas and stretched on a frame.

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