Monday, November 23, 2009

I Guess I Am Getting Old...

I find this is one of THE most beautiful renditions of this song. It is posted on YouTube and has been watched over 2,016,231 times with over 1,610 comments!!!

I am in my "violin period" right now, so it is everything "violin" for me.

Nino Rota wrote this back in 1968 for the movie "Romeo and Juliet." I am old enough to say I saw that movie when I was young,
albeit 12 years old. They do not make movies like that anymore. So sad. It had a huge musical impact on me, even at that age. I remember it so vividly. He composed music for several other movies including "The Godfather".

I seem to be watching it over and over and over. There are no special electronic sound effects, or laser light sabers, just pure and clear emotion coming from that violin ... It is timeless.

If you have ever wondered what a real Stradivarius violin looks like, or what one sounds like, this is it. If you are also curious as to just how much one can't afford one. But, if you really, really want to know, click here.

The video is so perfect. It is all about searching for and finding love and keeping it, perhaps.

If you want to order the CD click here.

For me, it is one of the most satisfying 3:43 of my life. Such is beautiful music. I hope you will feel the same. Enjoy.

Click the graphic above to watch ... and yes, I am getting some work done :)

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