Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Dream Continues...

...and they are just drop-dead cute too, especially in those really, really short ... a-n-y-w-a-y, just listen! Ages range from 23-26. So, if you have ANY doubt that you can accommplish something (at any age) here is your proof.

The tryouts (above) are a literal dream come true for them. Go to their website to learn more.

SEMI-FINALS (awesome)

They almost broke up before the contest, but decided to just go ahead and do it. So never give up!

Unfortunately, although I haven't confirmed it, they lost in the finals...huh?...I cannot believe it. But I have read it in comments from others. They have gone on to touring all over and have their first CD out (see below).

To listen to their CD of there first audition song click here, NOW! Click the song Palladio. The real name is "Palladio/Allregretto" (and YES another CLASSICAL music number-YOU WILL START TO LIKE CLASSICAL). This is the WHOLE song that was originally played on Britain's Got Talent performance you see above. You only get 2 minutes to perform so the video is not the full song.

If this doesn't get you going, God help you.

The next song down, Kashmir is awesome too. Oh heck, just listen to the whole CD.

The CD is titled "Escala." It was JUST released on May 25, 2009, so it is still really new. They changed their name to Escala because there was some other childrens group with "Scala" name.

Then order a personal copy of it here. Hurry, do it now! It is actually pretty cheap for a CD.


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