Thursday, May 21, 2009

YIKES...Concerned About Your Photography?

I know, things can be sooo uncertain, right now. The price of a wedding can be staggering.

So many brides want their photography to be at the top of their list, while others just consider it an after-thought and do not really care, which is unfortunate. They just want some "...snapshots..." of their wedding.

The price for a great photographer can appear to be frightening to so many brides so they just compromise their dreams and hire a mediocre photographer because of price or they waited too long and a good one has already been booked.

What is not known is that a great photographer can save you money if it is done right and creatively from the beginning. With nothing compromised.

When you get engaged and have a date set, you should immediately shop and hire your photographer. The most disappointing calls I have are when a bride is kinda desperate to find a photographer because all the good ones are booked and she is just going down the list in the phone book and asking for price (NEVER SHOP FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER BY PRICE ALONE).

To tell a bride you are booked is really sad. For me, I know she will probably have to hire a photographer that is not really up to the task. I see their work all the time. Many times a bride will bring me their disk of images so I can "fix" them. Very sad to see straight-out-of-the-camera wedding pictures that she paid a lot of money for. Yuk!

Here, we have our printed prices, and just so you know, we may have an option or two that is not posted on our price list. Those may be an alternative for you if you are not wanting to hire a photographer and spend a lot of money up-front. Some brides have a budget set for their photography, but most do not. Those brides have a real hurdle to overcome with some photographers, because they will probably pay for more than they get.

If you have questions about your wedding photography, you can always go to the homepage and click on the "Choosing Your Photographer" links and read what to look for and what questions to ask. It can be surprising what you will learn, if you know what questions to ask. Unfortunately, most brides have no clue what questions they should be asking. There is such a difference in a good photographer and a bad one. Getting a bad or mediocre one is so easy to do, because owning a camera and a business card pretends to be a legitimate reason to be called a Photographer. It is not.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok...Because I Know People Need to Know

A truly sad story that we all need to reflect on. (She is beautiful, and I would marry her if I were certain she could keep me in the lifestyle I am used to...)

Click Here

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Graduate!

This is Sherrell Johnson who is graduating this year. She was a little late getting her graduation pictures done, but that's ok.

You can click on the picture to get a closer look.

Here is a link

Just as an fyi - sometimes screen resolutions make the photographs here in blog entries appear to have some flaws in it. That is ok, these are very low resolution images. The real ones are fine. Low resolution images upload to the Blogger server faster.

Of course, they all are awesome, trust me! No, really I am not kidding.

Check back.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Pictures Up!

In between watching the Star Trek movie trailers over and over and over (my oldest daughter and husband took me to see it last weekend) ... I have managed to get all the engagement pictures for April Vallancourt and Jeff DeMedicis online here.

Those two small people in the photo are April and can click on it and make it bigger.

There was a lot of kissing going on during the shoot...what can I say (Sometimes I had to yell at them to 'Ok, kiss her!' - geeezzz, a photographer's life is full of amazing things).

The picture above is a pastel coloring. It is kinda hard to tell with the image size. But it is awesome...I'm just sayin'.

Oh, by the way, the new Star Trek movie trailers are FANTASTIC when you have a set of Bose* speakers hooked up to you computer!

*(I have not been compensated for this endorsement - but I would never turn it down...Hello? Hello?)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally...Some Pictures!

This is April Vallancourt and Jeff DeMedicis. I just photographed them for their engagement pictures at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

I will have more to post later. But here is a link to their Gallery so you can check back often.

They are getting married October 10, 2009, in Tuscaloosa.

They were both a good sport and weathered my craziness very well.

You can click on the picture, to make it bigger, to see just how wonderful the photography really, click on it!

I believe you can leave a comment below...yes, there it is, it says "Comments".

Friday, May 08, 2009

They're Gettin' Married!!!

This is Bernita Dixson and Sherell Johnson. They are about to be married ... on an island ... and I'm not going :(

Here is a link to their engagement photographs we recently took at Shakespeare. Good luck!

I will be in Birmingham tomorrow photographing April Vallancourt and Jeff DeMedicis at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I will post those as soon as possible.