Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Did You Know...

You can now order a DVD of your WebShow? That's right! When you are viewing your show, just click the down-arrow button in the lower right-hand section of the screen. A drop-down will open and you will just need to click the "disc" icon (which just happens to be the first graphic...).

Complete the information and your DVD will be created. Your DVD is created by the company that designed the software and you are linking to their website (even though it has my logo on it).

Your DVD comes packaged in a really neat case. I have a sample one ordered and it should be here sometime next week.

You can also order a version to download for your IPOD!!! I want one....I guess I need to break down and buy an IPOD now.

You can bring your WebShow anywhere now and show your friends! How cool is that??!

So, if you have a wedding plan with an open credit balance and you want to use some of your available money to order a DVD (or download an IPOD file), just give me a call. I will have it created for you and debit the costs from your available balance. If you prefer you can also order online and save your credit balance for other things. It's up to you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2 New Weddings!!!

Congratulations go out to 2 couples who have booked me to capture their wedding memories! Krista Turberville and Terry Archer are getting married on March 3, 2008, at The Oaks Plantation.

Additionally, Jessica Vanderbilt and Jerry Ace will be getting married on August 11, 2007, at Capps Cove in Oneonta, AL just north of Birmingham. The pictures on the website are nice. I am looking forward to it since I have never been there.

Congratualtions to each couple. I look forward to making your memories last forever!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Amy & Eric Wedding!!!

I just got back tonight from Auburn where I photographed Amy and Eric's wedding at the Auburn University Chapel.

It was an exciting time but the heat was a bit overwheling. Luckily by the time we went to shoot some outdoor shots, it had cooled off substantially.

If I cannot sleep (I am really, really tired right now, but you never know) I will begin the downloading process and start selecting images I want to use in the final WebShow.

I will then hurry to enhance and retouch those photos and get the WebShow created and post it. It usually is up and running by sometime Sunday (today). It may be late in the day or early evening, however. The process of just downloading the files and doing what needs to be done just to get them downloaded can be very time consuming.

I will get the WebShow up and running as-soon-as-possible.

Once the WebShow is complete, I will begin work on the Album Showcase. That should take about a week, but just depends what is going on. Once the Album Showcase is up and available for viewing, I will begin work on the remaining individual photos that I have not already enhanced and post those, usually 10-15 days from the wedding date. So check back often.

Oh I almost forgot. Amy and Eric's wedding will initially be posted on the homepage under the "Featured Bride" area. It will remain there until another wedding comes up. You can always get to their graphic by clicking on the "Wedding Spotlight" graphic located in the center of the Homepage. Just click the graphic and the "A" brides should pop up first. You will see "Amy & Eric".

I have some busy days ahead so bear with me. If you feel you need to call to get an update, feel free to do so. I will also keep you posted to the progress here in the Blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Quote (I Think)... But So True

Watch your thoughts because your thoughts become your words.
Watch your words because your words become your actions.
Watch your actions because your actions become your habits.
Watch your habits because your habits become your character.
Watch your character because your character becomes your destiny.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Confirmation Has Arrived...

This may be a long post, so just bear with me.

Confirmation that you are doing something right, does not always show itself. Most times you never know about it, or it is so subtle that it can be overlooked. When it hits you "upside the head," you better take notice, and be thankful.

My confirmation came last week. I had a newly married bride, from last year, email me stating she had seen my website. She came to the studio to ask me if I could help her do a DVD slide show of some of her wedding pictures since she owned the files on a DVD. I showed her some DVD samples and WebShow samples and I noticed she was crying, real tears...rolling down her cheeks...Oh my gosh! She said she wished she had known about me last year before she got married.

As it turns out, I will be the 3rd photographer to take care of her (did you read that...the 3rd one). She went to another studio (very reputable one that I would recommend) to have her formal bridal done because she was not happy with the wedding photos.

I would never openly criticize another photographer's work and I will not divulge the name of the studio here that took her wedding photos. I have no doubt there are those that do not like what I do. We each have our own style and I for one, take great pains to try and tell a story, not just provide you with a set of prints. If you were to follow me and sit with me the HOURS I spend retouching and enhancing wedding photos, you would probably run out of the studio screaming...

The studio provided a service. But geezzzzummmmm...

While the photos on the DVD were "technically" fine, they just did not have any life to them. They were the files straight out of the camera. I would never give a bride the files straight from the camera. The difference in an enhanced and retouched file versus one straight from the camera is like night and day. This routine of giving brides the "raw" files is a very terrible procedure that some photographers have grown accustomed to. Because it affords a quick release of ANY FURTHER INVOLVEMENT with the bride or family.

While a photographer/studio may seduce you into thinking a DVD of your files straight from the camera is a good way to go, it just is not. You have the files, but now what? Getting them printed is not the issue. You are just getting prints from rather dull and lifeless files (let's not even go into the non-creative approach to the files themselves...).

If you are reading this and are about to be seduced into thinking just getting the files without those files being enhance and retouched is a wonderful thing, you better think again. I am going to print a photo from the DVD and print the same photo enhanced and retouched for samples... :)

My confirmation came in a most dramatic moment, when I saw she was crying. To say I was stunned is putting it mildly. I made a joke about it, but actually, I was terribly humbled and sad at the same time. I cannot even explain that moment in time. I am not sure I will ever forget it. Actually, I hope I never do. I think there was a genuine emotional contact with the slide show and the bride and she did not even know these people. I also think there was also a little sadness, because of what she could have had.

The bottom line here: Your wedding is probably right up there with THE MOST IMPORTANT times in your life. You can NEVER go back. Make it a special day that will last forever. Make sure your photographer is putting his whole being into your day and your photographs and not just giving you a CD/DVD of your files. It is that important. You will not realize it unless you compare what you got and what you could have received, like this bride did.

Wedding on Saturday

Erygueka and Dennis' wedding was Saturday at Tuskegee University. I had never been there but what a history. Beautiful campus, old houses and a wonderful place to hold a wedding and reception.

I am working on getting the files transferred, massaged, etc so I can start work on the WebShow and the Album Showcase. I have been working on that all day. I hope I can finally get started on enhancing some of the photos to get started on the WebShow.

All this stuff seems to be taking longer and longer to accomplish. I am not sure why...well, not really. I have changed the way I shoot and the download part is what is taking so long. All the files are shot in RAW format then transferred to JPG. The RAW format allows me to better make changes to the file if it is over or underexposed or needs some special handling right out of the camera. The JPG files are then further enhanced and retouched then uploaded to the server. That whole process TAKES HOURS!

Anyway, I am working on it as I type and it is now 10:57pm Sunday night.

I will get the WebShow up as soon as possible, but I am fairly sure I can get it done tonight. I have made a fresh pot of coffee, so I am good-t0-go.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eryqueka & Dennis Wedding on Saturday

Sorry for the delay in posting stuff. I have been so busy and still have some things to get caught up on. I will get to them, I promise. I am still a little over-whelmed a bit.
Eryqueka's and Dennis' wedding is Saturday in Tuskegee. I have never shot a wedding there, so I am looking forward to it.
The picture to the left was taken during their engagement photo shoot at the Alabama Shakespere Festival. I art penciled it. I think it is kinda neat.
I usually tell the couple, or the guy really, to "kiss her." I really don't care about the actual kiss (I think it depresses me or some other psychological thing... :)). I love that micro-second before their lips touch...that is when time stops, they are lost in the moment, and that moment is captured, forever. THAT is what is most important to me.
It is 11:18 pm and I am listening to a song on the radio that is very ... ummm ... inspirational. I do my best work when I am alone, working and listening to the radio late at night. It is so sad ... LOL!!! But I love what I do. I am content.