Friday, April 27, 2007

No Comment Necessary...

Other than, you can click on the picture and enlarge it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Engagement Pictures!!!

I photographed Stephanie and Wesly last weekend. Their wedding is scheduled for the miraculous 7/7/07 date!

I have been keeping track of calls for that date, and so far it is up to 6. There are a few more but I wasn't keeping track in the beginning. I actually had no idea it was a "special" date.

Stephanie's mom booked that date last year! Good thing for them.

They are scheduled to get married in Selma, AL, with the reception at the Brownstone Manor. That is the place where F. Scott Fitzgerald was inspired to write, "The Great Gatsby."

You can go to the Gallery and view all their photos. I am still in the process of retouching and enhancing so they may not all be posted, but keep checking back.

Ok it is late and I need to get back to work. I hope everyone gets a good nights sleep...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guess Who...

...and just in case you NEEDED to see it in color and even bigger...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I like these types of photographs...

...Ummm, I mean the picture...well, you know.

This is the ring and hand of Emily Conversino. She is getting married next month in Montgomery, AL. It will be here before we know it.

I see a lot of rings. It is amazing how much these things cost now! :)

Ok, back to work.

Stuff I am finishing up...

  1. La Fete photos should all be posted by AM on Wednesday.
  2. Gardner photos should be also.
  3. A couple of album's pages are being printed (surprise..ssshhhh can't tell)
  4. A few other albums are getting made (ssshhh...can't tell what for)

Hang on...I am definately multi-tasking.

Album for Emalee has been shipped and should be here in a week or so. I can't wait to see it and insert the pages. The photos for the pages have been printed on Metallic paper. One word: "Awesome."

Received a call from my youngest daughter Ashley. Let's celebrate! :) We are going to see her in a play at Montevallo University. Last one before she graduates and becomes an adult...

Monday, April 16, 2007

La Fete

The photos should be posted sometime tomorrow. I am working on editing, enhancing and taking out duplicates, etc. I may get them up a few at a time or all at once, it just depends how quickly everything progresses.

Call the studio if you have any questions.

New Engagement Pictures Coming!

I will be photographing Stephanie Phillips and Wesly Wilkerson this Saturday at Shakespere for their engagement photos. Their wedding has been booked since last year. It is on the magical date of 07-07-07! I had no idea that the date was so special. I have had 4-5 more calls for that date. I need a clone.

If you have never been to Montgomery, you need to go by the Alabama Shakespere Festival complex. They have a museum, park area and theater complex that is one of the best in the nation. It is well worth the trip. They regularly have Shakespere plays going on but they also have other plays performing, sometimes with big-name actors coming in. I can tell you it is a great experience.

This watercolor print above is from the bridge in the park area. I call it "Lover's Bridge." It is part of the Blue Moon Fine Art Gallery.

Look for the Stephanie's and Wesly's photos to be posted next week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Greeting Cards...WOW!!!

I just had some greeting cards printed (for some special people) on Pearl Paper....WOW!!! (and that is putting it mildly)

This is a new service I am offering. The cards can be designed for anything. I am having some cards done for the studio as notes to send to clients, etc.

I would scan a sample of the ones I had printed...but one of the special people does not know about them yet).

They can be printed on the scrumptous Pearl paper but also on Art Watercolor, Art Linen and Semi-Gloss. I have seen the other papers but the Pearl paper will definately knock your socks off!

I need to order the sample pack that apparently has all paper types. You can get them in folded or flat cards. Folded cards come in 4x5.5, 5x5, 5x7, 4x5.5 accordian, 5x5 tri-fold and 5x7 wide format.

There are other neat stuff too, like posters and bookmarks, business cards...oh my, just a lot of stuff that would be great for WEDDINGS!!! (save the date, etc!)

The great part is they can be printed in one day (usually the day they are submitted) and shipped back in 2 days! Unbelievable service.

They come in packs of 25 with envelopes. I can design them anyway you want.

Art Show this Week in Louisiana!

Finally got my prints framed and sent off to ArtwoRX in Lake Charles, LA. The show starts Thursday and goes through Saturday, I believe.

ArtwoRX is owned by a high school "bud" named Tony Dupuis. You can click on his link from here (to the right) or from the homepage. He writes music (played with some of greats...and even turned down playing with some of the greatest bands...get him to tell you all about how stupid he was ... I mean, how reluctant he was.) He also does very unique oil painting and is just a really nice guy.

Tell him to give you directions to Casa Manana restaurant. It is worth the drive to Lake Charles, LA JUST to go to Casa Manana. I promise. Please bring me back some cheese dip and chips and 2 beef burritos...ok?

He looked at some of my fine art stuff and wanted to do a there you never know where life will take you...I'm an artist now.

If you are in Louisiana or need a reason to go, this is it!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter everyone.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Albums Galore!!

I am currently working on 2 albums. One is for Christa Wren (pictured) and Emalee Horn. Emalee is pictured below.

I think Emalee's is just about done. Her albums have been ordered and should be here in 2-3 weeks.

I have a couple things left to do with Christa's album pages but I will be ordering her albums today or tomorrow. Christa has THE most beautiful blue eyes. Kinda like...daddy-better-keep-her-locked-up blue eyes.

In case you are wondering, yes she is single, bubbly personality and even has a new job!

What!?...I can network for her if I want's my blog!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Emalee Horn

I photographed Emilee Horn on Saturday at Shakespere.

I am making an album for her parents. I think it will turn out pretty well.

This is the first picture to be retouched and enhanced, so check the main website for more photographs to come.

Wedding Announcement!!

Congrats go to Emily Conversino and Webster McClure!

I took their photos today at Shakespere Festival just in time before the downpour.

This is the first picture I have processed so more is to come.

Their wedding is May 19, 2007, at the Church of the Holy Spirit on Vaughn Road in Montgomery, Alabama.

Check the main website for more photos. I should have most of them completed and posted by tomorrow.