Monday, October 30, 2006


I can honestly say this is a new record for visitors to the website after a wedding.

Just from 10:35am on Monday morning there have been 339 new visitors. Usually it is 100+ by the first day. From Sunday PM when the WebShow went up for Laurie and Rusty the total is 370 visitors. I have not checked the actual hits, but it must be high.

I always enjoy seeing the final WebShow product come together for every wedding. Just getting there can be somewhat intense and time consuming. But when it is finished it is always rewarding for me.

Working on getting some of the photos for Stephanie and Frisco up today/tonight, then I will start working on the Album Showcase for Laurie and Rusty. So stay tuned...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Carmichael & Allen Wedding

Photographed a beautiful wedding this weekend at the Dalraida Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. Lauri Carmichael and Rusty Allen were wed at 5:00pm.

As far as I could tell everything was perfect. You can view their WebShow by clicking here.

I will be working on their Album Showcase this week. Check the website, but it usually is finished or close to being finished from Wednesday through Friday, or so...most of the time...yeah. It all depends on the number of photos used, the number of pages and the insane special effects or layouts used in the photos.

It also depends on other workload and what is going on in general. Sometimes I just get brain-dead and have to stop for a while. Being an old(er) person makes that necessary sometimes.

And on a side-note, good luck and congrats to my youngest daughter, Ashley, on her new apartment and her FINAL year at Montevallo...YEEEEEAAA!!! Also, congrats to oldest daughter, Michelle on her new job back in Montgomery. State job...she can retire in 15 years (and take care of me-it could happen)!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Just Printing...

I have been super busy just getting some backlogged printing done from previous weddings. I still have 2 weddings to get done with albums. I hope to get those done by next week.

Getting geared-up for the fine art show at ArtwoRX in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the spring. In the midst of getting studio work out I am starting to get a few fine art prints done for the studio and will be printing stuff for the show.

I am going to slowly move most of the printing to fine art paper only. The exception may be some general wedding stuff. The difference in fine art paper and regular paper is quiet obvious. In most cases the differences are in the "WOW!" category.

The only problems are, it is much more expensive to print on and you don't really don't have the luxury to do a lot of test prints. You pretty much need to be dead-on the first print out. If you do need to do test prints it can get really, really expensive. We will see how it all progresses.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Carmichael Wedding

Laurie and Rusty will be married October 28, 2006, at the Dalraida Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. I am looking forward to photographing their event.

I will be attending the Bridal Luncheon at Eastside Grill on Friday with a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner later in the evening. Will be a busy weekend.

Mom seems to be stressed but that is normal. Wish her the very best!

I am working on the Album Showcase for Stephanie and Frisco. I should have it finished in the next day or so.

Seems to be a lot going on now so I have not been able to post too much news here. I guess that is even good news. October has been a busy month for me. I believe the best month so far.

I did get a useful email from a friend of mine, Kelly Cavender, in South Carolina, on how to reduce high blood pressure. He suggested exercise...and weight loss...what is he thinking!? That is sooo absurd.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Wedding WebShows

The WebShows for Catrina and Conrad and Stephanie and Frisco are up on the website. I am working on the Album Showcase for each now. Since there are 2 I will be a bit delayed getting them up and running. They just take time to put together.

In the meantime, enjoy the WebShows.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Catrina & Conrad Wedding

Lovely, lovely small wedding was held on Saturday at Dalraida Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

I finished up the WebShow and that is on the homepage. I will will working on the Album Showcase the rest of the week and should have that up by Friday or weekend at the latest.

The wedding (WebShow) for Stephanie and Frisco is in the works now. I am working on their WebShow and should have it up soon (next day or so). I was waiting on a special song to use and received it today.

I will work on their Album Showcase as soon as I get through with Catrina and Conrad's Album.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Web Stats

Kinda hard to read, but it looks like I am getting new visitors, worldwide. Some new locations are popping up: Sweden, Australia, India, Puerto Rico, Japan, Iraq and Germany.

That is interesting. Ummm...I am available to travel anywhere except Iraq.

The current WebShow winner is Amy and Robert Tate. In the last month 101 visitors have viewed their WebShow. I think that is a new record. Second place goes to Kathryn & Christopher Alderton with 51 viewings.

It is Wednesday night and I am getting psyc'd up to shoot my 2 weddings this Saturday. I will be selecting the WebShow music tonight or tomorrow. I think I have them both narrowed down. But may change everything.

I have sent out about 8 of the new 2007 Wedding Inspiration CDs. These are really neat. NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS. You can view a sample slide show, pricing, printed gallery samples and more. Just call or go online and order it, it's FREE!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another NEW Wedding...On the Same Day...

Whew!!.... October 14, 2006, is going to be busy. I have 2 weddings in one day.

Congrats go to Catrina Johnson and Conrad Pringle in Montgomery, Alabama on their upcoming wedding. The ceremony will be held at Dalraida Methodist Church in Montgomery. Reception to follow at Sinclairs.

That means 2 WebShows and 2 Album Showcases to put together. No doubt I will be near brain-dead by the end of the evening. case anyone is contemplating a wedding on that date, I am booked.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Wedding!

I will be photographing the wedding of Stephanie Breckenridge and Byron (Frisco) Smith on Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 6:00pm.

The reception will follow the ceremony, well...more of a party I think.

Congrats go to Stephanie and Frisco.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2007 Wedding Inspiration CDs!

The 2007 Wedding Inspiration CDs are now available. I am printing the CD inserts now (tonight) and putting everything together. These CDs come in a really neat jewelcase and contain all the information you need to choose your wedding photographer.

If you are getting married anytime in 2007 this is the CD you need to get and it's FREE!

To order your FREE copy just go to the website and click the "Click here for a free Wedding Packet CD" graphic and email me with your mailing address and the date of your wedding and I will send it out to you.

If you are planning a wedding this year, I have a CD for you too. Just give me a call or email me and let me know your wedding is this year.

On the CD you will be able to view a sample WebShow, Newsletter, letter from me, price list and contract. There is even a printed 2007 price list in the CD jewelcase that you can take out and look at if you don't have easy access to a computer.

Monday, October 02, 2006

WebShows on CD!

In case I was not really clear on the NEW WebShow stuff, I can now burn your favorite WebShow onto a CD.

It will appear just as it does on the website. This is a new thing I am able to do with some new software I have found.

Everything will work just as it does on the internet with the exception of the ordering, music (to, and the "Email to a Friend" links.

You can view the thumbnail photos featured in the WebShow.

This will be great if you want to take it to work to brag, and your employer does not allow access to view from the internet.

Call the studio for pricing information.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Wedding Inspiration CD!!!

This is so great! The new 2007 Wedding Inspiration CD is now available. It contains everything you need to know about our studio services for your wedding photography. You can now view everything on your computer, or print it out. There are buttons to:
  • view a Letter from Me (the best part)
  • view a Sample WebShow
  • view a "Choosing Your Photographer" newsletter
  • view a 2007 Price List
  • view a Sample contract (8.5x14 paper...if you want to print it)
  • Connect to the Website Homepage (must have internet connection)
  • Email me to check a date or set up an appointment.

I am waiting on the CD jewelboxes to come in which will make these really awesome. But, if you need a CD right away, let me know and I will get one out to you now. The jewelboxes will contain some sample photos, and a printed version of the catalog.

I can hardly wait to send one of these out. The jewelboxes should be in pretty soon. These are special boxes, but I may be able to make do with the ones I have now. I will have to try and see how they will work.

You will just need to insert the CD into your disc drive and the menu (above) will automatically appear on your screen. You can just click a button to view whatever section you want. Everything will be self-contained on the CD. You will need internet access only if you want to view the Website or email me. Other than that, everything is viewable without internet access.

I have sent a few out without the neat jewelboxes but it will be better when I can get those inserts printed and packaged up.

Sunday afternoon is cleaning and getting caught up on printing gotta go.