Monday, July 31, 2006

A friend of mine named Gregg sent me a photo of himself riding his motorcyle in the mountains.

I pumped it up a bit.

Gregg is in the Air Force Reserves and has spent 2 tours of duty overseas helping defend our country from the low-life terrorists.

He is a former co-worker from the Greenville, SC area. He wants to be President of the United States. He said I could play with the launch codes...and the "football."

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Watercolor Portrait

WOW! Took this portrait on Friday, out on the porch of the studio. Her name is Lee.

This is a watercolor that just turned out wonderful. Sometimes I just amaze myself and this was definately one of those times. Of course, it helps to have a really nice looking subject to photograph.

If you print this on watercolor or Fine Art paper...somebody is going to be very lucky to get this portrait.

I have a few other favorites and I am still working on the remaining photographs. I will probably have them all posted later today, or Sunday for sure. I think they turned out really, really well.

I have model and wedding consultations scheduled on Saturday (today). So it will be a full day, more or less.

Pick Another Date...Please!
The worse part about this type of work is having to turn it down! I hate that with a passion. It is incredible. I had a call Friday for a wedding NEXT May of 2007. We were talking and I was going to set up the appointment for her and her mother to come in and talk. I told her, "let me check that date to make sure your drive from Auburn will not be useless." Well, yep...I am booked on that date...May of 2007! Can you believe it? Seems so far away.

There is more to this story. That is the THIRD call I have had to book that date!

Well, I may try and edit some more photos of Lee then go to bed. Later.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Pink Tea Boutique Album Showcase!

This is such a unique place, I decided it deserved its own Album Showcase. If you get a chance, go by the place. You may want to call and make sure they are open. Normally, they open for parties or by reservation, but if they are open you can go and look. A real "girl" place.

To view their Album Showcase, you will need to go to the main website homepage and click the "Album Showcase Theater" graphic and you will see the Pink Tea Boutique listing.

I have a consultation on Saturday for a wedding in November, if I remember correctly. Plus, a portrait sitting is scheduled for Friday morning and a model consultation not scheduled yet, we keep missing each others phone calls. Wow, this week has had a lot of calls.

Another Day Another Wedding...

Received another verbal for a wedding November 11, 2006. I will post information on this one once everything is finalized. Glad I answered the phone at 5:00pm yesterday!

I have some printing to do so I better get some of it done.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weddings Coming!

Weddings may be heating up a bit. Received an email confirmation for a wedding December 16, 2006. Once I get all the paperwork signed I will be posting that information here for everyone.

Also had 2 other brides and their fiance and mom come in and discuss their weddings. So it looks like it may be a busy 2nd half of the year and into 2007.

Weddings can be so much fun (A LOT OF WORK THOUGH). It is such a happy time. Capturing all the intricate events and emotions make for an incredible and wonderful story.

Since I am getting so is nice to see a wonderful event in people's lives take shape and blossom into something spectacular. Of course, I am talking about the absolutely sensational WebShows and Album Showcase Theaters that I do for them :)

Oh...I am to be featured (not sure to what extent) in Southern Bride magazine's next issue. I will learn more about that next week, I think.

FYI - Pink Tea Boutique LOVED their pic (see previous post).

Pink Tea Boutique Picture

Thought this was a great picture for Pink Tea Boutique so I printed it up (they don't know they are getting it shhhhhh).

The McLain/Grimes reception pictures are up so that is everything there is. Everyone can order now... :). If you have any questions about ordering, please give me a call, but it is pretty straight forward.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!

The final editing of the individual photos has almost been completed for the McLain/Grimes wedding. There are still some that need to be enhanced, retouched, etc. but those will be done if they are ordered and prior to shipping.

The final editing and enhancing just takes time to go through. Although a majority of the photos have been completed because of the creation of the WebShow and the Album Showcase, there are still a few that need to be enhanced. Additionally, I come across some that I want to try some special things with. So you will probably see some surprises that were not included in the Album Showcase, or the WebShow

I have most of the individual photos posted. So far there are:
  • Engagement
  • Bridal Luncheon
  • Rehearsal & Dinner
  • Pre-Ceremony
  • Ceremony
The Reception photos will probably be completed on Monday, so just check back in the "View Event" section on the Homepage.

A word of advice on selecting special effects and paper choices. While you are surely free to choose the paper type that you want (I may contact you to verify though) I have listed below the BEST choices to enhance a particular effect:

  • Oil - Canvas (this is real artist canvas)
  • Watercolor - Watercolor paper or Fine Art paper
  • Art Pencil - Matte, Watercolor or Fine Art paper

The photo above is a variation of the oil painting called "Impasto". This shows a heavy brush & thick paint stroke on the print.

Additionally, you may choose to have a photo with a certain effect and printed on specific paper, from the website when you order. You can also choose to have an oil painting on luster paper if you want to keep it simple. You get to choose the effect and the paper choice. The choice is up to you.

To get the full effect of the technique, have it printed on the appropriate paper as listed above. You will be amazed.

If you have any questions, or would like to view some real photos with various effects and paper choices, give me a call at the studio and we can schedule an appointment to come in.

Friday, July 21, 2006

New Album Showcase Online!

The McLain/Grimes Album Showcase is up and available for viewing. You will need to go to the main website to view it. For some reason I am not able to link it to the Blog.

Just click on the "Showcase Spotlight" graphic on the homepage or you can go to the "Album Showcase Theater" page and view all the available Showcase Albums.

It turned out GREAT! A hefty 100 pages was the final count. Enjoy everyone!

I think I am going to try and go to bed early tonight. Been working on this all day (actually all week). But it turned out really well. I have already had a compliment email, so it is been a great day! Later!

McLain/Grimes Album Showcase Update

I am trying to finish up Elizabeth and Michael's Album Showcase. As of this evening (actually morning) I am working on the wedding and reception photographs, retouching and enhancing the ones I will use.

It looks like everything may be finished sometime on Friday. As of now I have finished editing the actual wedding photos and I am getting ready to design the individual pages. When those are done the reception pages will be edited and assembled to finish up the Album Showcase.

I will create the actual Album Showcase with music and post online as soon as possible. The best thing to do is just check back on the homepage and click the "Showcase Spotlight" graphic, or go to the "Album Showcase Theater" page and see if the word "NEW!" appears next to their name. Of course if you prefer, you are welcome to call and inquire as to the status.

The Album Showcase really helps in pulling all the photographs together, from the engagement all the way through the reception. It helps capture the whole story in a format that that just cannot be duplicated any other way, especially just by looking at a series of individual pictures or proofs.

In case you are keeping count, the total number of pages, so far, is 72. I suspect the album is going to be a very large.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

McLain/Grimes Album Showcase Update

I wanted to update everyone on the status of Elizabeth and Michael's Album Showcase.

I am up to page 44 in the pre-design of the album. As of this moment I have no idea how many pages the album will eventually contain.

For those that are not aware, the Album Showcase is used to pre-design a coffee-table style album, which are very popular right now. I offer the Album Showcase Theater online version free to all my brides. This allows them to help design their own digital coffee table album, if they choose to have one made. They can help move photos around, add or delete photos, or whole pages. If they want a traditional style album that's ok too, the Album Showcase Theater is FREE!

I have a new sample line of these types of albums being shipped from Italy. They are awesome to say the least. All the albums are actually made in Italy. What a bragging statement - just think of it, "yeah, it is made in Italy!"

Anyway, it is almost 1:00am Wednesday morning and I am still working. I get a lot done in the dead of night. I hope to have the Album Showcase finished Wednesday or Thursday barring any surprises that pop up. I will have it posted on the website as soon as it is finished. In the meantime watch the WebShow over and over and over...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

McLain/Grimes Wedding

The McLain/Grimes wedding at Huntingdon College was wonderful. I had never been to the "Chapel," which is more like a full-blown cathedral. Kinda large with beautiful stained glass and quite inspiring. It is featured in the WebShow, so be sure to check it out.

With the exception of the thunder noises starting just as Elizabeth and Michael were reciting their vows, the whole event turned out to be wonderful. I think God may have been reminding them of the seriousness of the whole event.

The rain held off, more or less, for the reception which was held in a tent behind the chapel. Most everyone seemed to stay even though the weather looked like it was going to get really nasty...but it held off.

Click on WebShow to view a slide show of some of the photographs taken from the engagement, rehearsal, dinner and the preceremony. I hope to have the Album Showcase online by the end of the week. More photos to edit and enhance. You can view that on the main website so keep checking back. I will have it linked from the "Showcase Spotlight" graphic on the homepage and the Album Showcase Theater page.

The individual photos will be available to view in 7-10 days. Seems like a long time, but if you only knew how many hours are used up for each wedding...maybe I can post that at a later time. It is amazing how much time is spent doing what I do. No snapshot wedding photography done here.

My daughter Ashley took some wonderful shots that are featured in the WebShow. She is really getting it - how to capture the story in pictures. I am very proud of her.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pink Tea Boutique

Took the Bridal Luncheon photos for Elizabeth McLain at the Pink Tea Boutique today. I had never been, but it is truly a unique experience. If your daughter and her friends ever want to have a REAL tea party this is the place to take them.

This was a Bridal Luncheon, but all the ladies got to try on outfits, accessories and hats prior to having their lunch. Yes, I was definately out-of-place, but had to take the pics and was glad to experience this so I can tell my daughters. They would love it. I have placed a link on the main blog page.

The picture is of the flower girl in the wedding. I think she found the place extraordinary. Oh, she bought herself a beautiful purse to take home, too.

The wedding is tomorrow at Huntingdon College so look for the Web Show by Sunday (maybe Satuday night) the Album Showcase by the end of the week and the pictures in a few days after that (usually 7-10 days).

Super Friday!!!

I am getting a lot of calls for Graduation/Senior portraits.

As usual, I like to do things differently. You get to choose how you want your package configured.

However, I am convinced most people are having a very hard time understanding that...I am really confused as to why they are confused.

My pricing is such that you purchase by the "sheet" and each "sheet" can contain (1) 8x10; or (2) 5x7; or (8) wallets, etc. (there are many other sizes available per sheet). Please comment if that is not clear...and why...please.

I think it is very simple, but I am concerned. Oh! AND NO SITTING FEE!!! Whoa!!! I think that really confuses them. I may be forced to start charging a sitting fee just so everyone is not confused.

I may need to configure a package based on my normal pricing so people can understand. Did I MENTION THERE IS NO SITTING FEE???

I am running a special right now:

(1) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(4) 4x5
(16) Wallets
all for $89.95!!! (I think I need therapy for this one)

I will be photographing the Bridal Luncheon for Elizabeth McLain at the Pink Tea Boutique in Montgomery today at 11:00AM. I hear it is a cute place for that sort of function. I have never been, so I am looking forward to seeing the place first hand. The rehearsal dinner will be later Friday evening and the wedding at Huntingdon College on Saturday. I love outdoor weddings. So Friday is a busy day for me (plus I have a wedding consultation in the AM).

I will/should have Elizabeth's Web Show up by Sunday for sure, maybe Saturday night. It will depend how brain-dead I am. But I like to get those up right away.

(Oh, and the graduate above, is my oldest daughter Michelle. The photo was taken for her graduation from Montevallo University)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OFF THE WALL! daughters bought me a ticket to go see Michael Buble' in concert in Birmingham last night. I actually enjoyed it. Definately a chick event, but a great way to spend time with my daughters.

If you are a man and your wife, or girlfriend wants to go see him...wait...that doesn't sound right...if you are married and your wife wants to see him (in concert of course) or you are single and your girlfriend wants to hear him live...BUY 2 TICKETS AND TAKE HER. Be sure your take a shower, put on some decent clothes (slacks, button shirt) and spray a little cologne on (I really should not have to tell you these things) She will be grateful.

He does not take himself seriously even though ALL the women went there with ONE thing on their mind...My daughter Michelle has decided she is to marry him. I told her it was ok as long as he paid for the wedding pictures that I would take.

I need to call a therapist tomorrow. He did not leave me with any women to date. I think I hate him and need some anger management.

I talked with Tony @ ArtwoRX today. You really need to visit his website. Maybe buy some art and music CDs. He googled my name recently and found my website...which reminds me, I will be changing my name and web address. Maybe "Michael BooBlay" or something. What do you think?

We are old high school buddies. Good to hear from him after all these years. (see paragraph 4 - 1st sentence).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

McLain/Grimes Wedding

I will be shooting a wedding at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL on Saturday, July 15, 2006, for Elizabeth McLain and Michael Grimes. Should be a great outdoor wedding.

Huntingdon College was used in the filming of "Big Fish" so the old trees and buildings should make for a great backdrop for a wedding.

Go to the main website to view all the event photos from the engagement shoot at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival (

If you have never been to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, it is worth a trip to Montgomery just to visit and watch a play. This place is rated in the top tier of Shakespeare facilities in the world. The professional production values for all the plays performed are top-notch and second to none. There is always a Shakespeare play being performed, as well as other plays, from modern to well known classics.

A wonderful experience and a jewel for Montgomery, AL. Who would have thought we are so cultured here... The whole complex has a museum and picnic areas, jogging/walking trails, an outdoor theater (thatched roof like in old England). Oh, and even a gift shop.

The theater brings in many world-renowned actors for specific plays. Visit their website to see what is playing. They even offer packages for hotel/theater tickets, etc.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Welcome to my new blog site! I am still learning about the process of editing and stuff, so just hang in there and check back often.

The picture to your left was taken at the Allison Champion wedding in Columbia, SC in May of this year. A very beautiful outdoor wedding. You can click here to view her WebShow or go to the main website to view her photographs and Album Showcase.

I will be posting news and events that are significant and worth looking at here. Some things may be totally unrelated to photography. But, oh well.

I want you to participate in what is happening with my studio AND my daughters (Michelle & Ashley) so come back often.