Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Album Showcase is Ready!

Go to the homepage or click here. Enjoy!

Album Showcase Update

It's getting there. So far there are 62 pages and I should be starting on the ceremony very soon.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Album Showcase Update

Sorry for the delay. The Album Showcase for Nikki and Robert will be finished this weekend. I have had to get some printing finished before Christmas.

I should be done with that Tonight or in the morning and I can get back to the album.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Album Showcase for Nikki & Robert

I am working on the Album Showcase now. So far I have 40 pages. The pages should go somewhat quickly now that I have begun the process, but you never know what will pop up.

The process works like this: I do the initial design, then I go back and add text or quotes to make it a little more special (of course the bride and groom are more than welcome to insert their own), then I create the album to view online and then upload it.

It is difficult to say just how long all of this takes. Each wedding is unique. Nikki and Robert had a LOT of photographs taken. I do not use all of them, but use enough to get the overall feeling of the wedding. The bride and groom can help design their album, if they choose to get one, and personalize it by adding or removing photographs or moving them around.

This photograph is one in a sequence of three that turned out really well, so I watercolored them and put them in the Album Showcase and the WebShow. It turned out really nice.

Keep checking back here for updates and I will let you know the status.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nikki's and Robert's Wedding

Nikki's and Robert's WebShow is now online. You can also access it from the homepage or the Wedding Spotlight page.

All total (including engagement, bridal showers, rehearsal and wedding) I believe there were well over 1600 photographs taken. That is a lot in case you were wondering. I do edit some out that are duplicates, near-duplicates or didn't come out (ssshhhh it does happen).

I will begin work on the Album Showcase this afternoon or this evening...maybe tomorrow. I usually just chill on the Monday after a wedding, but I have a lot of printing and other things I need to do to get a few other photos uploaded to the website. I will be busy most of the day. Just check back here and I will post any updates regarding the Album Showcase.

Once I get the Album Showcase completed I will work on the remaining photographs and upload those as quickly as I can, because I KNOW you want to order stuff...

Take care and enjoy!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Nikki & Robert

Tonight I will be photographing Nikki's & Robert's rehearsal at the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church in downtown Montgomery, AL. This is a very historic church since it is where Martin Luther King preached from 1954-1960 prior to launching his civil rights work.

I am looking forward to seeing the facility and photographing the wedding on Saturday. The reception will be held at the Wetumpka Civic Center in Wetumpka, AL.

Just a reminder, the WebShow of the ceremony will be posted sometime on Sunday. I should get the Album Showcase up by the following Friday (hopefully). It will just depend what is going on during the week. The Album may be up sooner than that, so just check back. The links will be posted on the homepage under the "Featured Bride" section. The individual photos will be posted in the Gallery usually within 7-10 days.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Awesome Power of Life's Journey

The awesome power that life gives to each of us and how we use it in our lives, can mold us for a lifetime. It can give us hope and regret. It can provide us with happiness and deep sadness.

The decisions we make and the paths we take can forever change our life and our thinking. Whether those choices were intentional, by circumstance, or by divine inspiration, they influence us for all of our lives.

Today was a time for me to reflect deeply on some specific choices I had made in my life. Some stupid things that forever destined me to this point. I did not consciously seek out those reflections, instead they came to me today.

Before you decide that they were not wanted, they were. They have been sought out for many, many years. Mostly in my dreams. The dream-place, where it can totally influence your life and you don't know why, or what you can do about it. But it is real. This specific dream-place has flowed over into my daily world for so long, with so many questions and very few answers. They came today and I am grateful.

Most of you will not understand any of this. But to the one that does, thank you.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lunch With Daughters

I had lunch with my daughters today, Ashley (left) and Michelle (right). It was Michelle's birthday on the 7th so we were doing a late celebration, sort of.

Michelle just moved back to Montgomery and is working with...ummm...don't actually know the name. But, they do health care need accessments for medical facility expansions, etc. Very political and she is starting to hob-nob with some important people. Michelle looks like her mom and Ashley looks more like me (but I don't look like a girl). Ashley definately has my "attitude".

Ashley is a senior at Montevallo University majoring in Theater. Anyone need an actress? Oh, I guess that is the same thing as a wife...let's not go there.

Great pics, huh?! Yeah, I did them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Interesting Stats

For everyone that finds this kind of thing interesting (I only do because I cannot sleep) I pulled these stats from my website.

The top graphic shows the countries I have had hits from. Sorry, Iran...I will not travel to your country until you overthrow your government and get some common sense people running your government. You know you want to.

A LOT of people from UK, Canada, Australia and Brasil. Some even from Russia (Russian Brides...?).

It would really be interesting to find out how they found my website and more importantly why they were interested.

The bottom graphic shows an increase in the number of DAILY hits (6367+ per day) and almost 238 megs per day downloaded (that would be webshows, album showcase, pictures, etc.).

You can click on the graphic to enlarge it, I know you want to.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All Photos Are Up!

All the photographs for Beth and Jacob are now online.

I have also posted an item in the store that you can purchase a CD of the WebShow if you would like one. It will appear exactly as it it does on the internet. A CD can only be played in a computer's CD player.

(FYI...a CD is different than a DVD) DVDs are available, so if you would like one there is an initial production cost. Give me a call for more information.

Anyway, enjoy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Portis Family Christmas Photos

I photographed the Portis family on Saturday prior to their family dinner party. Beautiful home and family. I should have all their photos up tonight or Tuesday.

This photos is from the ornaments from their Christmas tree that I watercolored.

Beth & Jacob Wedding

On another note regarding Beth and Jacob's wedding photos, I should have the reception photos posted in the next day or so. That will be all their photos. I think their WebShow and Album Showcase turned out really well.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Album Showcase is Ready!!

The Album Showcase for Beth and Jacob is now online and ready to view. You can click the link or go to the main website to view it.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Album Showcase Update

I am officially brain-dead, but almost finished. So far there are 100 pages. I am working on the last reception photos that I want to include in the album. Unfortunately, I cannot include every photograph taken, would just be too large.

I will get it done probably tomorrow sometime so check back.